Arty and the Fox
Illustrator and Author: By Barry Crump

There weren't many scams Arty hadn't tried in his search to make a quid.First he hatches a plan involving five hundred chicks,which gets the neighbours' feathers ruffled;then he tries a spot of the gardening,which leads to a cabbage fiasco.Next is a job n a long-drop,which really gets up the noses of the townsfolk.And so on.Then Arty and his mate Joe get a contract for roadmarking,they hit a gold mine - literally.The only black cloud on the horizon is in the shape of the Fox,an overzealous traffic cop who's determined to find out the truth behind their little scam - and put them behind bars if possible.A unique story unfolds of life and laughter, of good times,great mates,and crafty cops,which culminates in a happy end - and the chance for a few more money - making adventures.Barry Crump had produced another whopper in a long like of classic kiwi yarns which proves once again who he is New Zealand's best-selling author.Arty and the Fox is another special treat for the many thousands of dedicated Crump fans who have enjoyed his vivid stories for more than 30 years.And for those who have yet to experience Crump's classic Kiwi imagery,be careful - it's addictive.

In Print: Yes
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Published In: New Zealand, 20 December 1994
Publisher: Hodder Moa Beckett

Arty and the Fox

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